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The Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar (IBS) is a scientific seminar that consist of participants from all local and private universities in collaboration with the Malaysian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MSBMB). The 32nd annual seminar is themed "Skeptiko : Reveal the Unseen Perspective of Biochemistry". The 2022 event is proudly hosted by The  Department of Bioscience, MAHSA University. 

IBS is a platform for undergraduates to exhibit and present their final year research projects while exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge with their peer.


Guest Speaker 

Prof. Emeritus Dato' Dr. Mohammed Noor Bin Embi

Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology,

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

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B.Sc (Hons)(Biochemistry), University of Otago,New Zealand (Dis. 1972)

M.Sc (Biochemistry) University of Otago (Jan. 1975),

PhD. (Biochemistry) University of Dundee,Scotland (1981)

Specialisation :

- Protein biochemistry

- Enzymology


This talk is an overview of how glycogen synthase kinase (GSK3), a Ser/Thr protein kinase involved in the regulation of glycogen metabolism, first identified by the author some four decades ago, resurfaced in our investigations on melioidosis pathogenesis. It was beyond our anticipation that melioidosis, an infectious disease endemic in tropical areas and GSK3, a component in insulin signalling can cross paths. In certain viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, the host response to infection may involve excessive cytokine production (cytokine storm) arising from dysregulated immune responses mounted to eliminate the pathogen. GSK3β is now known to also regulate a wide array of cellular processes including inflammation and dysregulation of this kinase is implicated in several diseases including bipolar disorder, diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer. Melioidosis caused by the opportunistic pathogen, Burkholderia pseudomallei, is a common cause of community-acquired septicaemia and pneumonia within endemic areas of Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. In melioidosis, acute infection may involve dysfunction in the regulation of pertinent signalling pathways; for example aberrant GSK3β signalling. Diabetic individuals with acute melioidosis rapidly succumb to infection caused by fulminant sepsis attributed to cytokine storm. Based on the understanding that GSK3β inhibitors can dampen the production of pro- inflammatory molecules, it is plausible to develop adjunctive therapeutics that can modulate the underlying host-mediated immunopathology and reduce the high mortality in severe melioidosis infection. Combined therapy involving antibiotics and cytokine modulating agents may prove more efficacious against fulminant sepsis than individual anti-bacterial. I will present excerpts of our research outcomes and potential clinical implications of GSK3β as a therapeutic target. It is noteworthy that to date the original publication on the identification of GSK3 has received more than 1200 citations.



Guest Speaker 

Suria PrakkashA/LVijayasuraAMIMechE
Faculty of Engineering,

Screenshot 2022-11-28 162813.png


Certified Train the Trainer (HRDF), (2021)

• Certified Penetrant Testing, Level 2 Inspector, (2020)

• Project Management Professional Preparatory Program, Project Management Institute (PMI), (2017)

• AutoCAD Training (Autodesk), (2013)

Specialisation :

His most popular courses are in the areas of • Technical Report Writing for Engineers • Unleashing the Leadership Within • Arduino Technology • Internet of Things (IOT) • Power Packed Presentation Skills • Sustainable Energy • Sustainable Development

Suria Prakkash Vijayasuria has been involved in industrial training, guiding and consulting for more than 3 years focused on increasing profit, productivity, and the performance of people. Prior to starting his own businesses, has worked in the UK and with the Malaysian government. Suria is a trained leader working in the field of Sustainable Development, Arduino Technology and IOT in helping people to progress in their career based on technology. He is a Certified Train the Trainer (HRDF)– Coaching & Delivery, Business Writing & Technical Report Writing for Engineers & Technical Personnel, Leadership Within, Power Packed Presentation Skills & Public Speaking and Applying Circular Economy at Workplace. He gained few professional qualifications to develop himself in the industry. Academically, he holds MSc Energy and Sustainable Development (UK) and BEng Mechanical Engineering (UK). Suria was formerly a Mechanical Engineer, Project Executive and Program Coordinator in private institutions. Later, he progresses as an Industrial Trainer in corporate world and gained experience in Arduino Technology, PV System Designing, Sustainable Energy and Internet of Things (IOT). Today, he trains a wide range of Engineering and Technology programs based on his wide exposure to various industries. Suria is passionate in inspiring lives, transforming people and bring positive change to the environment. To date, He has trained more than 3,000 people in STEM field from UK and Malaysia. He has also designed, trained and developed programs for students pursuing degree in Engineering and Technology.


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